Poem of Iasc


If he had three wishes to think -of
And three candles to lit
And if the fish won't stink
Still the bird wouldn't fly with it
Some casanova men that wink
With their eyes they admit
That the strong one wouldn't sink
If only the fish'd lead'em in an ocean sink

Then you can see through my eye
In and out of your lullaby
Seperate wisdoms to bird and I
Won't do any good to my corpse dry.

A fish won't do right.

Fish won't pack won't see what is on his right
He wouldn't leave and to his left always some fight
Rough night, he won't drink fhisky tonight
He'd write. . .

"Because I sleep eyes wide open
Seeking a prince (charming) comin even
For my burden is of steel and so I count
Faith is sinful, wrong and so seven"

Fishy would slip!
But oceans won't last my dear.

He'd flip
And he won't last where oceans shrink to my fear.

"Coz' I have three dreams and an eye to see
Ocean breeze and salty water to dye
Blue; dreary blue, it already is I told you I won't lie
Fish gotta swim miles yet to die..."

For seekers of this kind
Blue of sky and marine so up high
Will you always colour my day so that I find
Each day a blue ocean and some blue sky to say hi

The flow which is nothing but is to follow
He went with it, he went with sorrow
He went ashore, handed in that life I borrow;

On the first page he'd written a note
The second my birth
My third his earth
Fifth; more modern filth...

Water and felllow fishies bid on me
He'd say "Bidonville not on me..."
Tide on me, sun upon us,
Wave guide me: son of lust
Wave me. . . goodbye

Underwater fell the soul with ripples
Where the graves are deeply hidden
And deaths are triple

For he was flying and supposed to be rising to reach the skies
For he must've read somewhere that there is a paradise if one flies
Yet he was descending and profoundly hurt like plundered ships
No blood on his scales, nor a word in between his two lips

He went on floating into shades of blue,
Some green weed stuck to his body as if with glue...
Which death to follow now, where to seek the true?
Fine, tints o'gloom and vodka rhum would do.

Where ravens and sparrows comprehend
That a fish has yet to come to his end
He'd stand up and say for no one else'd defend:

"Fish won't last but neither would you
Fish can't last but his eye would too
Merry the man who chew my kin, my crew
I be the one to sue"

Falling fish joined the mainstream of his life
Falling apart in pieces of five,
He left me a life to dive
Over him I said I'm alive...


Bugün Konuşanlar | Kollektif Beyin Boşaltma Saçmalama Saçmalatma Çarpma Çarpılma Çarpılama Alanı | 2007-2009 | Tüm Hakları Çamaşır Dolabının Çorap Çekmecesinde Saklıdır